Thank you for your interest in working at the museum! We are proud to offer career paths to professionals from diverse backgrounds. Join our small but growing team to work on projects that inspire and make a difference.


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The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) is a world-class museum with a passion for knowledge and a drive to push cultural boundaries. The NAGB collects, preserves, exhibits, and interprets historic and contemporary Bahamian art. We exist to educate, uplift, and inspire.

The NAGB is the first institution of its kind in the history of The Bahamas. In 1996, the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a national art gallery as part of an expanded system of museums. The Government’s initiative to support a national art gallery reflects an understanding of how such institutions assist in nation building. The NAGB opened in July 2003 in the historic Villa Doyle and is a corporation managed by a Board of Directors.

As the leading art institution for The Bahamas, our vision is to actively nurture and provoke a healthy cultural ecosystem, empowering multiple generations of Bahamians. By fostering robust partnerships locally, regionally and internationally and by building institutional capacity, the NAGB will become a change-maker in our communities. Through providing more opportunities for access, our public will gain a sense of pride and become active participants in writing their own stories. The NAGB supports the artistic community by extending its audiences, helping to define its standards and practices, and by broadening its impact. It is a vibrant and energetic workplace that serves to cultivate all who walk through its doors.