Board of Directors

An Act of Parliament founded the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) in 2003 as a non-profit, quasi-governmental, private corporation. The independent corporate body is governed by a Board of Directors. Seven of the twelve Board positions are ex-officio and are filled by whoever is currently filling the post, or by their appointee.


Chairman – Mr John Cox

Deputy Chair – Mr Vaughn Roberts

Secretary – Ms Patrice Williams

Appointed Members

Mr Ivoine Ingraham

Mr Kishan Munroe

H. E.  Jamaal Rolle

Founding Chairman and Board Member Emeritus:

Dr D. Gail Saunders

Ex-Officio Members:

Director General of Tourism – Mrs Joy Jibrilu

Director of Culture – Mrs Dereka Deleveaux-Grant

President, University of The Bahamas – Dr Erik Rolland

Bahamas Historical Society – Mr Bennet Atkinson

Managing Director of Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corp – Dr Christopher Curry

“The NAGB should uplift our communities in such a way that no Bahamian can imagine life without it.”

— Mr Lawrence Bascom, Interim Executive Director