NAGB Art Park

The sculpture garden includes masterpieces from prominent Bahamian artists, native foliage and community farm features. The garden and its ambiance evoke the healing qualities that the hospital initially established on the grounds.

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NAGB Art Park

in partnership with
Bahamas National Trust (BNT) & the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

In March 2016, the NAGB, BNT & LLNPP came together to initiate a new sculpture garden project adjacent to the NAGB grounds.

The area is associated with the site of the first African hospital on New Providence in 1780 but years of neglect had rendered the site a hazard and problem for the neighborhood. Rather than leave the site to be used for dumping and other destructive activities, a new direction was envisioned by the NAGB, focusing on the healing aspect of the arts—music, gardening, farming, sculpture—which galvanized institutions, supporters, local schools & volunteers to collaborate on executing the plan.

Over the course of a year, 100’s of native trees and shrubs were brought from LLNPP’s plant nursery stock to return the area to a native forest filled within sculptures and plants to tell our history through arts and botany. Additionally, Fiona’s Amphitheatre was created to allow for performance, movies and storytelling. In time we anticipate that the garden will become a lush green zone deep within the boundaries of downtown Nassau attracting visitors both human and otherwise to visit, relax, and enjoy.

With thanks to the many patrons, supporters and volunteers including, but not limited to: Bahamas Waste; Eric Carey, BNT; Dr. Ethan Freid BNT; Ginny McKinny (Green Systems Bahamas); Rotary Club (local and international); Katrina Vanderlip; Shelby White.


“Through the NAGB Art and Culture is becoming tangible to Bahamians. With the extension to Grand Bahama it will enrich even more lives, especially the Youth!”

— Alisa Streather-Robinson, Educator