The Blank Canvas, June 7th, 2017, Tyrone Ferguson

Joining Amanda in the studio tonight is one of The Bahamas’ foremost artists: Mr. Tyrone Ferguson. An expert in metalwork, Tyrone speaks to his discovery of his talent as a blacksmith at the young age of 14, his training and his calling.

The artist also addresses how he has juggled commissions and “logical work,” which supported his family, with his artistic practice, which nourished his soul, and his journey both spiritual and actual (with a trip to West Africa) to understand the depths of his gift and how this connected him to a deep ancestral knowledge.

The NAGB is extremely proud to announce that the Board has sanctioned the commissioning of a monumental set of gates for the property on West Hill Street; while Tyrone is known in many circles for his extraordinary metalwork on gates, doors, and other functional objects, and is generally acknowledged as our foremost metalworking artist, this is his first ever public commission on a national building. The Gates Commission is currently underway and will be unveiled at the end of June.

Tune in this evening at 6:30 p.m to Guardian Talk Radio to listen to the conversation!