Blank Canvas: November 21, 2018, Jodi Minnis and Angelika Wallace-Whitfield

On this week’s Blank Canvas, host Amanda Coulson is joined by artists Jodi Minnis and Angelika Wallace-Whitfield who speak to their participation in the upcoming exhibition “FOUR” at the Island House. “FOUR” is a collaboration between four young Bahamian artists, all women, who are making images of women, questioning their status in contemporary Bahamian society and mining their own growth.

Gabrielle Banks, June Collie and our guests use self-portraits and other feminine imagery to address issues around body image, self-awareness and acceptance. While Gabrielle and June were not able to join us, Jodi and Angelika not only shared insights into their practice, they also discussed the opportunities and challenges that present themselves to young specialized Bahamians returning home and the landscape that awaits them upon their arrival.

“FOUR” opens at the Island House on Thursday, November 22nd at 5:30 p.m. Come out and support these dynamic women!

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