Blank Canvas: November 7, 2018, Jessica Colebrooke and Chantal Bethel

On “Blank Canvas,” we are celebrating women and also a series of events at Hillside House this week. On Friday evening at 6 p.m., Hillside House on Cumberland Street will host the opening of “Yin,” an exhibition by Grand Bahamian artists Chantal Bethel, Claudette Dean, Paul Boyd-Farrington, Del Foxton and Laurie Tuchel—with live music by Shelley-Carey Moxey—which speaks to the feminine and female energy. With paintings and a variety of mixed media work, this strong and inspirational group of women will speak to the re-framing of the female in the 21st century. On Saturday morning, the artists will also host a walk-and-talk so visitors can ask them questions about their work and delve deeper into the subjects they are exploring. The events are free and open to the public

On Sunday at Hillside House, at 2 p.m. art lovers and supporters can experience a very special tea party supporting and celebrating the launch of Jessica Colebrooke’s book “Whimsical Bahamian Teapots,” which records one of the nation’s foremost ceramicists’ exploration of this form, which she has elaborated into something far from traditional! Tickets for the event are $120 and include a free copy of this exceptional book as well as visitors’ choice of a unique handmade teacup and saucer.

Tickets still available until Thursday from Jessica’s Tileworks or Hillside House.

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