Blank Canvas: August 29, 2018, ALIV and EXPO 2020

Tonight on Blank Canvas, guest host Communications-Development Officer Malika Pryor-Martin interviews with the team from ALIV about the work they are doing to bring history and The Bahamas to life via the Discover App, an augmented reality app designed for locals and visitors alike to design their very own tour or cultural experience. The map, which will soon be available in the Mixed Media Store at the NAGB, is a 2D adventure that utilizes voice, image and even video to tell the story of wonderful institutions and landmarks, like the NAGB, as well as provide a sense of what you’ll find if you venture inside. Additionally, as a new company, having just celebrated its second year, ALIV stands as a market disrupter, making art one of its company pillars. As such, their team has committed itself to using art in meaningful ways to not only introduce the brand but overtime to transform communities.

Back row: Anissa Adderley, ALIV: Gravette Brown, ALIV; UB student Ide Thompson. Middle row: Cori Seymour, ALIV; Malika Pryor-Martin, NAGB; UB grad, Moriah Lightbourn. Front row: Michael Edwards, UB faculty; Ian Bethel-Bennett, UB faculty. Not pictured: Kendrick Delaney and Sheridan Thompson, ALIV 

In our last segment, is a lively discussion, that we hope to continue, with The Bahamas EXPO 2020 collaborative, one half of the collective-driven Double Dutch installation “Hot Water”, currently on view at the NAGB. Michael Edwards, Ian Bethel-Bennett, Ide Thompson, and Moriah Lightbourn share their vision for the 2020 project, which will actually take place in Dubai, UAE and how it will ultimately translate into a contemporary art exhibition. Focused on Ragged Island and questions of cultural, fiscal and of course environmental sustainability, it’s a twenty minute conversation you won’t want to miss.

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