The Blank Canvas: May 22nd with Anthony “Big Mo” Morely

Anthony “Big Mo” Morely joins us in the Blank Canvas studio, to share with us the story of his creative journey, as we celebrate his work in the PS room (lower gallery) at NAGB in “The Bahamas on Canvas: Historic and Nostalgic.”

Blank Canvas host, Amanda Coulson with Anthony “Big Mo” Morley.

Growing up on the Island of Grand Bahama in Eight Mile Rock, Morley’s artistic journey began surrounded by the beauty of nature which set his creative juices flowing. A sketchbook was purchased for him by Mr Allan Martin, a pastor and surrogate father, who admired his work, and encouragement was provided by his teacher, Mr Charles Farrow at Freeport High School. His path wound through many years dedicated to painting, then photography, then Junkanoo (with Gus Cooper and The Vallery Boys), until a chance encounter re-charged his painting career.

Since then “Big Mo” has seen great highs and lows; he has been through some of life’s harshest tests and joins us to speak of his career, his struggles and his new vision.