About our Mixed Media Museum Store Manager

Amard “Maddie” Rolle is the NAGB’s Mixed Media Museum Store associate. He has been with the NAGB since February 2011, when he started out as a volunteer.

In that post, he learned about visual art retail and the art of true customer service and hospitality. He has become the iconic cheery face greeting the museum’s visitors. The primary point of contact, he is always eager to share information about the NAGB’s exhibit and Bahamian life and culture. Having formerly worked between his studies at COB, since 2016 Maddie has been a more permanent member of team NAGB.

Maddie’s statement: “Working at the art gallery has afforded me exposure and opportunities never imagined. Each and every day at NAGB as tourists and locals flow in and out and keep the space always with a breath of renewed energy.”


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