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Friday Artist Features: Margot Bethel

Every Friday we will be feeding you some goodness on our most beloved, most biggity, most Bahamian artists, to give the breadth and depth of our creative practitioners both here and in the diaspora. First up is one of our artists from the recent NE8 and all-around lovely soul, Margot.

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Margot Bethel’s Portal: Unpacking memories of Womanhood

Bahamian artist, Margot Bethel, explores ideas of femininity and the roles of women from both past and present day. In “Portal: There’s a WHole in the Bucket”, Bethel transforms a collection of mundane, everyday objects into a sculptural installation proposing the idea of the hole and the whole, simultaneously describing aspects of gender inequality, female stereotypes, and objectivity.

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Re-membering the past: Margot Bethel and Nicolette Bethel take on Transforming Spaces 2015 family-style

Teaming up to transform part of the grounds at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) this year are cousins College of The Bahamas Assistant Professor of Sociology Nicolette Bethel and artist and designer Margot Bethel, who will be assembling a representation of a former family home. The artwork was originally planned as a piece for the Seventh National Exhibition, Antillean: an Ecology, but the project had to be delayed due to conflicting schedules.

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