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The Inter-Island Travelling Exhibition goes to North Eleuthera

Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera is the first stop for the newest iteration of the NAGB’s Inter-Island Travelling Exhibition, “From Time: Water Has A Perfect Memory”. This exhibition functions in some ways as a time capsule, using historical knowledge and visual interpretations to engage with the country’s past and present and envision a more hopeful future. With colonial works from the 1800s, to the post-independence contemporary practice of the last few decades, “From Time” opens up conversations on slavery and colonialism to examine how that era’s gross accumulation of wealth and the booming industrial era it generated, served as the catalyst for the climate injustice we are now witnessing.

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Create Space: Art as Therapy

By Zearier E. Munroe. Exploring art materials with therapeutic thinking. Dorian was the most unnatural of natural disasters to batter this country. The hardest hit islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama will be recovering for years, but they won’t have to do it alone. In the days and weeks following the storm, the power of community and the outpouring of financial, emotional and spiritual support for those affected has been the very epitome of “Bahamas Strong.” And, in this moment of physical and emotional turmoil, the value of a safe space cannot be calculated. Understanding this, the education team at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) partnered with the incomparable Art Psychotherapist, Susan Moir Mackay, a former resident of Grand Bahama for twenty years. The result of this partnership was Create Space under NAGB’s We Gatchu!: Sanctuary After The Storm initiative. The aim of Create Space was to designate and design areas where participants could explore art materials in a therapeutic way. We prioritised the creation of this space within the shelters, while we reaffirmed the availability of the NAGB property as a haven for all who are in need. As it has long been the mission of the NAGB to use the sanctuary of its halls to uplift and inspire through art. 

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