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Breezes through Long Cay: Chapter 2

In last week’s Art and Culture feature, Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett shared Chapter One of his travels and thoughts on development and sustainability on Long Cay. This week we follow up with Chapter 2, which expands on his observations. Long Cay holds beauty and tangible history.

A historic town where the old settlement on one side of the island, now covered over with thorny brush, was abandoned and a new settlement sprung up elsewhere. The residents had a sense of self and connection to place that has been wiped off New Providence. We often talk about national pride, yet we fail … Read more

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Breezes through Long Cay. Chapter 1: As Stories Fade

Sitting on a breezy, sandy thoroughfare from the east to the west of Long Cay, silence is only interrupted by a creaking door and rolling seas washing ashore on a pink sandy beach, where history has been washed out by time and bleached by the sun.

The scrub has stubbornly taken back much of the once-prominent southern Bahamian island, much like The Lost Footsteps Alejandro Carpentier so clearly illustrated as nature took back the land from development in the book of the same name. Nobel laureate, Gabriel García Márquez, commented on the same trend in his literary epic One Hundred … Read more

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