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The 13th Annual Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture

By Kevanté A. C. Cash, NAGB Correspondent. In conversation with Rhetorician, poet, photographer & author Kevin Browne about the release of his book “High Mas” and Caribbean similarities .“The Caribbeanist photographer, having emerged from a history of broken things and missing pieces, knows better than to aspire to the outdated luxury of art for its own sake. Every image is also a reminder of a struggle for access: continuously sought, easily denied, and always only tenuously granted. A reminder of the very public executions of our subjectivities – our being in this place,” (HIGH MAS, 103).

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Creativity, Technology and Life-Design Public Lecture Series presents Pitch Your Innovation

This Public Lecture Series event takes the form of a Pitch Night where people pitch ideas and projects in a casual setting. This is a FREE event. The event is being co-hosted by Shift the Culture ( and The HEALinc – Health Innovation Incubator – (

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