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The Eye of the Storm: Preservation and destruction

Winslow Homer’s ‘Hurricane’ captures howling winds of the storm in The Bahamas, however, the image, though teaming with meaning and feeling, does not capture the magnitude of today’s super storms. These so-called superstorms bring with them devastation and trauma of epic proportions. The visual produced in Homer’s painting remains haunting and provides an interesting couple for the Gulfstream painting, and After the Hurricane, Bahamas as it shows a man shipwrecked on a desolate island.

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Inspired By Disaster: Artistic Responses To The Devastation of Hurricane Matthew

Nothing provokes the artistic sensibility like a catastrophe. The role visual artists and creative thinkers play in recognising the universal emotion is evident in the recent devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Not only is art critical in helping us to focus our understanding of events, but the power of art amid disaster recovery presents opportunities for new ideas, spaces, and conversations.

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