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ICOFOM LAC Publication

The NAGB is pleased to share the new ICOFOM LAC Publication Perspectivas latinoamericanas y caribeñas para la discusión sobre la nueva definición de museo / Perspectivas latino-americanas e caribenhas para a discussão sobre a nova definição de museus / Latin American and Caribbean Perspectives on the New Museum Definition edited by Vinicius Monção and Luciana Carvalho! This publication includes a 5000-word paper entitled “Accessing Caribbean Definitions Of The Museum: A Preliminary Assessment” that was produced by the Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC) and translated into Spanish, French, Dutch, Papiamento and Portuguese. It includes the contributions of fifty-one museum and
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ICOM approves a new museum definition

ICOM is pleased to announce that the proposal for the new museum definition was approved.

On August 24th, in the framework of the 26th ICOM General Conference held in Prague, the ICOM Extraordinary General Assembly approved a new museum definition. The vote is the culmination of an 18-month participatory process that involved hundreds of museum professionals from 126 National Committees from all over the world. The new text reads:

This new definition is aligned with some of the major changes in the role of museums, recognising the importance of inclusivity, community participation and sustainability. A new President and Executive Board … Read more

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