Collecting Plates Project

“Mealtime connects us. It is universal. With china, we feed our bodies, our souls and our eyes and touch, feast on the aesthetics. China connects us and is often passed down from generation to generation, becoming priced heirlooms. For this project, I will create three-dimensional wallpaper using my signature gold-rimmed china. To increase the meaning and scope of this project, I will solicit china dinner, salad, and dessert plates from my various communities. Using QR Codes, the interactive wallpaper will display significant information on the source of the plate.

To donate a china plate:

-Please write a brief story to accompany your donation.

-This story may be music, history of a friendship, familial or community connections. 

– This project will connect all of the places, people and parts of my life in a visual and multi-dimensional way.

– Please include a photo of the china plates you plan to contribute

To participate, email [email protected] and the NAGB Staff will contact you with additional instructions.” – Kendra