executive director Opportunity

Apply by May 27, 2024

Job Details

The NAGB is seeking an outstanding candidate to lead this high-functioning institution at a time when cultural leadership and community engagement are critical aspects of national development. The Executive Director (ED) is the Chief Executive of the NAGB and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The ED is also a member of the Board of Directors and works extensively with the Chairman and individual Board Committees in coordinating the overall governance and oversight functions of the Board. The ED is the public face of the NAGB and works directly with government entities and agencies, cultural institutions, regional and international organizations, and the NAGB’s major donors. The ED leads and directs the NAGB’s development and fundraising efforts.
As Chief Executive, the ED is responsible for communicating and promoting the mission, vision, and values of the NAGB, overseeing the development and execution of the associated strategic plan, and leading, guiding, and evaluating the Curatorial Manager and other department heads. Finally, the ED is responsible for inspiring the confidence and support of NAGB staff and other key stakeholders toward helping the institution grow and flourish.
The ED will oversee a team of approximately 20 full-time and 5 part-time staff, directly managing a five- member senior leadership team with an annual budget of $1.3 million. This is a full-time position.

Duties & Responsibilites


The ED is accountable for the strategic direction of the NAGB. The ED is expected to:
  • Lead board members, staff, and other key stakeholders in the development, communication, and implementation of a strategic plan;
  • Provide creative and inspirational leadership and direction to all departments of the NAGB in the planning, development, and management of NAGB programs, operations, and facilities;
  • Develop and maintain standards and criteria for program development and execution;
  • Provide vision and support to drive the development and advancement of Bahamian art and artists towards greater regional and global impact;
  • Develop and implement strategies for cultivating and expanding the NAGB’s audience and reach;
  • Develop the NAGB’s Acquisitions Policy, in consultation with the Curatorial Manager and Acquisitions Committee;
  • Solicit and administer NAGB fine art acquisitions, in partnership with the Curatorial Manager and Acquisitions Committee.

Corporate Governance

The ED is an Ex Officio Member of the NAGB’s Board of Directors. The ED is expected to:
  • Attend Board meetings and provide support to the Board;
  • Ensure the preparation and submission of timely and accurate reports to the Board;
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board.

Development & External Communications

The ED leads the NAGB’s development and fundraising efforts. The ED is expected to:
  • Direct resource development including development and implementation of an annual plan;
  • Develop and drive strategies for donor cultivation;
  • Establish and maintain a framework for donor and collector stewardship;
  • Play a leading role in personally cultivating and soliciting donors, grants and sponsorships;
  • Develop and implement strategies to broaden and diversify the NAGB’s philanthropic base;
  • Develop and implement strategies to broaden and diversify the NAGB’s revenue generating capacity;
  • Be the public face and primary spokesperson for the NAGB;
  • Oversee a robust public relations program for the institution;
  • Use the NAGB’s institutional presence to deepen and refine stakeholder and public engagement.

Strategic Industry & Community Partnerships

The ED takes the lead in driving external stakeholder relations. The ED is expected to:
  • Enhance and strengthen strategic private sector partnerships including collectors, foundations, and the corporate sector;
  • Explore and develop joint programs in cooperation with the University of the Bahamas, and other Government, regional, and international agencies;
  • Work closely with Directors of other national cultural institutions and assure full cooperation and coordination in the approach to the development of the NAGB’s programs;
  • Establish strong partnerships with community-based organizations to foster and grow opportunities for public access.

Candidate profile

The ED will be a passionate, accomplished leader with a demonstrated ability to manage a dynamic and evolving institution. They will be passionate about the NAGB’s mission and will have the skills required to significantly expand the institution’s impact through collaborative strategic planning and exceptional entrepreneurial leadership and execution.
The ideal candidate will offer the following skills, experiences and characteristics:

Passion for the mission and vision of the future

The ED will have a true passion for educating, uplifting and inspiring through art. They will understand the unique social, cultural, and economic challenges facing the local Bahamian community, and the transformative role this institution should play in meeting those challenges. They will bring an inspirational and entrepreneurial approach to growth and impact, including a demonstrated ability to build support for ambitious goals and drive measurable results. The ED’s passion will be motivational, inspiring others to support the NAGB’s mission and work.

Creativity & imagination

The artistic community is a primary stakeholder in the work of the NAGB. As such, the ED must have a healthy appreciation for the creative arts and a demonstrated ability to deploy creative thinking and imagination in making decisions and executing plans. They will have experience with challenging convention and perceived boundaries, while maintaining core values in their personal and professional life.

Shared values

The NAGB has ten core calues, and the meaning of each one is documented on our website; Integrity, Respect, Passion, Altruism, Dedication, Engagement, Growth & Innovation, Diversity & Acceptance, Care and Accountability. The ED will share these values.

Leadership & management expertise

The ED will have demonstrated success in leading a diverse, high-performing initiative or organization toward strategic outcomes. They will bring strong people management skills, the ability to mentor and grow leaders, and a highly inclusive, collaborative approach to leadership. They will understand how to work effectively in partnership with an active Government Ministry and Board of Directors. Strong candidates will also possess the operational and financial skills required to lead an organization of the NAGB’s size and complexity.

Exceptional relationship building & communication skills

The ED will be a strong communicator and relationship builder who leads with inclusion and integrity and with a broad group of stakeholders, including the artistic and cultural community, staff, Government of The Bahamas, Board of Directors, donors, collectors, and other outside organizations. They will understand how to raise the visibility and profile of the NAGB and build a network of relationships, and support the position of the institution as a leader in the field.

Fundraising capability

Strong candidates will offer a demonstrated ability to raise funds from a range of sources, including corporate, foundation and individual donors. They will view fundraising as a core responsibility and will be able to work with relevant NAGB staff and Board members to identify opportunities and quickly develop and implement strategies for growth in this area.


In addition to the competencies above, the ED will have a strong record of high academic achievement, having completed at least a Master’s Degree (PhD Preferred) in a related field, such as Management, Education, Art History, or Business Administration. Strong candidates will possess at least five years of Executive Management experience or the most senior role in a non-profit, academic, or cultural institution.

Compensation & benefits

Salary will be competitive and commensurate with skills and experience. The NAGB pays a gratuity of 15% of salary in lieu of formal pension and health benefits. The position comes with 5 weeks’ paid vacation and the ED is also provided with a car.


The Vivian Group Ltd. is assisting the NAGB in this search. Applicants should submit the following documents:
  1. A cover letter;
  2. A current résumé;
  3. Three (3) professional reference letters.
The application deadline is May 27, 2024.