A Journey Through Time: Telling Our Story with Art


Mixed Media Art Summer Camp Exhibition 2017: A Journey Through Time: Telling Our Story with Art

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Monday, August 28, 2017

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
West and West Hill Street
Nassau The Bahamas

We invite you to the opening of our Mixed Media Art Summer Camp Exhibition 2017: “A Journey Through Time: Telling Our Story with Art” on Tuesday, August 1st starting at 6 p.m..

Every child is an artist. – Pablo Picasso

Artists tell stories that help us make sense of our world, broadening our experiences and understanding. Those stories connect us to the past, the present and the future through the seen, the imagined and the unimaginable.

The NAGB Mixed Media Summer Art Camp (MMSAC), revamped in 2015, serves as an access point for all kids, aged 7 to 18, to Bahamian art and its history – information that often goes uncovered in standardised curriculum. The goal is to provide a hands-on approach to educating campers from all communities about the significance of Bahamian art and how it has impacted our daily lives – culturally and socially. Additionally, MMSAC creatively imparts to campers the critical role art serves as a medium for commentary on social movements and as an archival resource; documenting historical changes in the country, region, and world.

This year’s camp focused on national historical influences on Bahamian art, beginning with the Lucayans and ending with the tourism phenomenon. Campers were taught to identify visual storytelling techniques in artists’ work, understand the impact perception can have on accounts of historical events, and create individual and group work that communicated their perspective of Bahamian historic events. This afforded campers a comprehensive and holistic experience taking into consideration each learning phase. Each week was allocated a sub-theme, all of which followed chronological order using work from the National Collection as the primary reference.

Featured Artists: Session One & Two

Ages 5-8

Alyssa Godet, Charles Bufford, Ianna Stubbs, Isabelle Lewis, Isaiah Bufford, Londyn Kellman,
Storm Young, Tamarvin Edgecombe, Iazabelle Carbajal, Cameron Ferguson, Layel Garraway, Kalia Johnson, Celina Peterson, Kaitlyn Fernandez, Kay’Lee Miller, Pengshulin Cartwright, Ky’ra Bullard, Melaysia Munnings, Callwin Munnings, Lily Laville, Roshino Pevilos, Amyah Poitier, D’armani Poitier

Ages 9-11

Alicia Woodside, Alphonso Rolle, Christopher Moncur, Dillyn Beneby, Ethan Knowles, Farrah Ali, Hayley Burrows, John Wilson, Khefri Nash, Nejah Campbell, Noah Albury, Rashad Styles, Sebastian Major, Sia Wright, Rebecca Quant, Juliet Russell, BreAnn Ferguson, Gianna Paul, Hassan Gibson, Kendria Prosper, Kaitlyn Saunders, Isabella Young, Daisy Voges, Kharshsti Bourne

Ages 12-14

Aiyshia Allen, Drew Bell, Calee Kemp, D’shae Johnson, Genson Pageot, Harold Chipman Jr., Johnnavun Wilson, Sanae Knowles, Valante Styles, Jasmine Davis, Estaphanie Tilme, Daley Harrison, Jasmine Hall, Briana Hall, Angelique Lindo, Joshua Smith, Lawson Major, Violent Moncur, Kodee Forbes, K’Tonya Johnson, Ceon Duncombe, Savannah Tinker, Vernon Stubbs

Ages 15-18

Brandon Lloyd, Camron Mckenzie, Chandra Hanna, Charisma Roker, Jessica Edgecombe, Johnnae Wilson, Joshua Kemp, Khadejah Mortimer, Kurran Sands, Lavoirne McKenzie, Sharvez Woodside, Samuel Emmanuel, Jan-Yve Lightbourne, Jasmine Beneby, Diensin Brice, Robensky Pevilos