An online resource for students and researchers interested in Bahamian art.


Monday to Thursday:
10am — 3pm

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Phone: (242) 328-5800/1
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Resources include: books, films, CDs, DVDs, catalogues, art magazines, newspaper articles, recordings of artist talks and seminars.

Equipment available:
• Computer (Mac)
• Microsoft Office
• Internet
• Printouts & Photocopies (fee)

Usage Policy: The library is solely a reference facility, therefore materials will not be lent out. Black and white copies will be provided of any material needed for research, in adherence with copyright laws i.e, 10% of the publication.


The NAGB Library serves as a study and research centre with educational resources on both international and local art movements and art history. Materials include exhibition catalogues, art magazines, textbooks, DVDs and popular supplementary reading materials. Users are permitted to use library materials on premises only. Users may access the library catalogue externally.

Photocopies of publications may be given in accordance with copyright guidelines. 

Online supplementary materials are provided here.

To find out more information on the NAGB library, contact the NAGB at 328-5800/1 or visit Library World, our official NAGB Library catalogue.

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The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas prides itself on developing unique publications which offer articles, essays and interviews on Bahamian artists and art movements. Each year we produce at least one major catalogue supporting group shows, the National Exhibition and retrospectives of master artists of The Bahamas. See our selection below: