NAGB INTERN: Ashante Pratt

W E E K  O N E

Monday June 24th signifies the day I stepped into a whole new world of art that I have been blind to all my life. On this day, I took a step towards my future. On this day, I became an intern at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. At first I had no clue what exactly to expect during this eye-opening journey. Of course I knew art would be involved, but I also knew that there was more to it. As I come to the end of my first week here, I can confidently say that I am ecstatic to see what’s in store for the rest of my time here. On my first day I was very nervous and it showed in my clothes. I came dressed as if I were a lawyer, which is the attire my mother thinks apply for every job. After a while it sunk in and I was ready for a day of work. This feeling stuck with me throughout the entire week, however, the lawyer clothes didn’t. As the week progressed I went from reading and gathering information on master artist in the Bahamas, to actually meeting them!

This took place when we visited Antonius Roberts’ studio called Hillside House where I received a few tips about taking on the artistic path in college. That was an opportunity I never expected to happen. Some of the other cool things I did this week were making preparations for John Beadle’s workshop and editing labels for Master Artists Of The Bahamas. I was also challenged to break out of my shell and talk to principals of private schools for an education visit. Besides labour work I also learned a lot about the placement of artwork and their labels and all the other little details that make the artwork in the gallery almost jump out at you. The end of the week marks the beginning of a new one in which I get to continue this amazing experience.

– Ashante Pratt