NAGB INTERN: Dyah Neilson

W E E K   O N E 

Starting our internship, another intern, Ashante, and I were given a brief tour of the grounds in order to familiarize ourselves with the building and its history. We also read catalogues concerning exhibitions that were on display at the time to get an idea of what has been happening inside the gallery, as well as gain some knowledge about famous Bahamian artists. This knowledge was further enhanced later in the week by visiting Antonius Roberts’ Hillside House, where we learned more about the artist and even about galleries themselves. During the course of the week, I was able to experience most, if not all, of the departments that help in the running of the NAGB.

I assisted with the education department in calling numerous places such as the many public schools on the island, as well as a craft store to ask for a quote on tools that would be needed for the John Beadle workshop that was taking place that weekend. Ashante and I were then given a hands-on job in which we cut cardboard for the workshop. In the in-between time, I was able to work with the curatorial department as well, and was quickly taught the right way in which to move and transport paintings. I realized that though I had handled artwork many times before, there was still much, much more I needed to learn. When I was told that I would be working in the basement with the national collection, I thought it a privilege that I would be trusted with this task. I found this to be a much more work-filled week than I was expecting, and although it was busy, it was still relaxing. It was definitely an eye-opener, but nonetheless a great experience so far.

– Dyah Neilson