NAGB INTERN: La’Dea Gem Roberts

W E E K   O N E

Dear Bloggers,

First & Foremost, I am Gem Roberts, an aspiring artist and aspiring computer information systems specialist. This past week, being my first week as an intern at NAGB has been informative and event filled, including this past Wednesday being the fortieth year of independence for my Bahamas.

Not only did I begin by becoming familiar with the grounds, met the other interns Dyah and Ashante, and helped in preparation for the 40 years of Bahamian Art exhibition, but I was able to attend and work as a part of the NAGB team during the event. This was the pinnacle of my week, being able to work an exhibition opening. Words cannot describe the pleasure I felt in being apart of something I have a passion for, during fortieth independence milestone of my country, alongside such welcoming team members, and being able to see so many members of society and dignitaries awes and reactions towards this great exhibition; quadruple the pleasure.

Needless to say, I was very tired after working such an event. Being an aspiring artist myself, this event only motivated me to strive even harder to one day have my very own art featured in such an exhibition. This Friday following the exhibition premier, I was able to become familiar with the texts of Bahamian Artists sold in the NAGB store and critique them. Overall, this week has been a very inspirational and nothing short of exciting. I’ll close by reiterating a very popular quote by Confucius I felt put into action this week, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

– L. Gem Roberts