NAGB March Trivia

Mixed Media will host its March Trivia today!

Taken from Pinterest.


The first individual to get all of these questions right will win an NAGB mug.

The following 10 individuals will receive a digital NAGB bookmark.

The NAGB bookmarks change appearance and edition every month. The first individual to collect 12 different bookmark editions, will receive a very BIG prize.

So far, 4 bookmark editions have been released, how many do you have?

March’s quiz is done in honour of Transforming Spaces 2012. All of the answers can be found either on Mixed Media: the official NAGB website or Transforming Spaces’ website and during the Transforming Spaces tours.

To submit your answers, please email [email protected] with your responses, your name, and an email or phone contact. This trivia opportunity expires at 5pm on Wednesday, March 28th 2012.

Trivia Questions:

What are the names of the 2 artists showing work at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas for Transforming Spaces?

What is the Transforming Spaces URL?

What are the names of the 2 establishments that sold Transforming Spaces tickets.

Name 6 galleries that are taking place in the Transforming Spaces tour this year.

Name 3 tour guides that participated in Transforming Spaces 2012?

Name 2 original founders of Transforming Spaces.

What are the names of 2 artists showing work in Pink’un Gallery?

What time does the Transforming Spaces tour start?

What are 3 colours that they used for the Transforming Spaces bus tickets?

Name the artist who started the “Nassau, What Happened?” poem.

Good luck! The trivia this month is pretty tough!