Work-Study Student: Lydia Rolle

Okay, how can I begin, but to say how I loved my job training experience. Day one of my job training I had a wonderful chance to meet Miss Pratt. She is a kind and very sweet person to meet and know. My first day on Tuesday at The National Art Gallery was a little bit boring. I was getting to know everybody since I am the new girl, but I got a chance to look around and see the most amazing pictures, drawings, and paintings.

Later that day I read up on one of the greatest Bahamian artist in The Bahamas, Mr Amos Ferguson. I’ve learnt that he was born in Exuma, that his father was a pastor, he has fourteen brothers and sisters, and he first started painting when he was painting on a house and a vision came to him where Jesus was coming from the sea with a painting in his hands. My second day at The National Art Gallery which was a Wednesday, the fun began. I had a next wonderful chance to meet Miss Wright, Miss A. Wallace-Whitfield and Ms Benjamin. At the start of the day, I worked with Miss Benjamin, whom is also a sweet, nice and very humble woman. She showed me how to send a file, edit your work, and how to save it.

Later that day, I got to help hang and paint with two young ladies-Miss Wright and Miss Wallace-Whitfield-whom I came to love like sisters. Miss Wright is a hard worker. When she comes to work, she really comes to “work”. Miss Wallace-Whitfield is a very funny person, who is always happy. Everyday that I am here, I look forward to see her, because I know she is coming to make me smile and have fun. I am very sad to know that I wouldn’t be able to see all these fine and wonderful people whom I have worked with in this week. I love The National Art Gallery because I am doing something that I love.