Blank Canvas: May 16, 2018, Netica Symonette and Angelika Wallace-Whitfield

Amanda Coulson, NAGB Director, welcomes Bahamian legend Netica Symonette into the Blank Canvas studio, along with artist and curator Angelika Wallace-Whitfield.

Angelika has recently taken up the post of Curator at Central Bank of The Bahamas and her first exhibition is a solo show with “Miss Nettie.” Miss Nettie, better know for her career as a hotelier and author, is an intuitive artist whose practice travels off the canvas and onto the walls, bedspreads, garbage cans and other household items at her Cable Beach hotel. The site itself is a “Gesamtkunstwerk,” a piece of loving sculpture that evolves every day.

Miss Nettie joins us today, on her 84th birthday, when there will be a celebration at The Central Bank of The Bahamas art gallery from 6pm. Come and join us!

Blank Canvas airs every Wednesday on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9FM.

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