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Blank Canvas: January 26th, 2023 featuring Jodi Minnis, Tern Gallery

On tonight’s Blank Canvas, guest host Katrina Cartwright, NAGB education and outreach manager, is joined by TERN Gallery’s Jodi Minnis as they discuss the upcoming exhibition “In this house is a home….”, featuring works by artist Heino Schmid and more.



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Blank Canvas: November 23rd, 2022 featuring TERN (Jodi Minnis, Gallery Manager), The Current at Bahamar (Averia Wright, Curator and John Cox, Creative Director) and mixed media artist Kachelle Knowles

On today’s Blank Canvas, the show on which we discuss visual culture and creative community, your guest host Katrina Cartwright, NAGB Education and Outreach Manager is joined by TERN (Jodi Minnis, Gallery Manager), The Current at Bahamar (Averia Wright, Curator and John Cox, Creative Director) and mixed media artist Kachelle Knowles.



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Blank Canvas: August 7th, 2019, Walteria Tucker-Rolle, Heino Schmid and Keisha Oliver

On tonight’s “Blank Canvas” we are talking about the exciting new initiative between the NAGB and the University of The Bahamas (UB). The NAGB and UB recently signed a memo of understanding allowing for greater and closer collaboration.

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Heino Schmid’s “wait. I saw something”: The complexity and simplicity of abstraction

By Dr Ian Bethell-Bennett

When we are taught to ask for directions in what we are to think, what we are to say and what we are to do, we run into a figurative bind of being stuck in uncreativity and the superficiality of a surface.  Heino Schmid’s work does not fit into any of these unthinking paradigms.  As I walked through his show “wait. I saw something,” which opened at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation on Thursday, February 8th, I had to think about the work.  The work is not trouble-free art that covers a wall or adorns a room with its ease of access and prettiness, but an abstraction that made me think about many things. 

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Balancing Act: Heino Schmid’s “Temporary Horizon” (2010)

By Natalie Willis.Heino Schmid’s practice can perhaps be described as slippery or amphibious – and it’s not so much to do with the water, as it is to do with his fluidity in dealing with the bounds of what we believe to constitute drawing, sculpture, painting as separate genres – the proverbial lines in his practice become blurred. This movement between the medium and the means is why “Temporary Horizon” (2010)  was chosen for the current Permanent Exhibition, “Revisiting An Eye For the Tropics” on display at the NAGB.

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The Blank Canvas: May 24, 2017 talking Tilting Axis 3 with Heino Schmid and Tessa Whitehead

This week’s “Blank Canvas” hosts part of the Bahamian contingent of delegates who attended the pan-Caribbean conference for art professionals, “Tilting Axis,” hosted this year at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. “Tilting Axis” is a roving conference, conceived by the NAGB’s own Chief Curator, Holly Bynoe (while she was still the publisher of ARC Magazine), and Annalee Davis, Director of the Fresh Milk Art Platform in Barbados. 

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