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Reporting From Rome: The Care in Curating

By Natalie Willis. Three weeks of Italian summer and being surrounded by art professionals sounds like a dream, and in many ways, of course, it is. From the “shallow” things—like eating gelato for breakfast (which, I’ll have you know, is entirely civilised)—to the deeper stuff, of discussing intense readings around the purpose and history of curatorial practice and being able to view Caravaggio paintings in resplendent old buildings, the Goldsmiths ‘Curating The Contemporary’ summer art intensive, hosted at the British School at Rome, was an education, and in ways I had not anticipated. I was supported by the Charitable Arts Foundation as well as The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas to embark on this journey of professional development that would prove to also be one of intense personal development

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How To: The Proper Conservation and Preservation of Artworks on Paper

For the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas as well as other art galleries, museums, art collectors and appreciators, one’s storage system is an institution’s most important asset (besides the art of course). Without one, collections of priceless artworks and artefacts will deteriorate at rapid rates. Below are recommendations for the proper handling of works on paper.

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