Kermit Miller:

Jun 4-Jul 28, 2024

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas is proud to present Resurgent, Kermit Miller’s solo debut of artwork that captures the movement and expression of Junkanoo and Bahamian daily life.  With an astute depiction of each subject’s emotion, Miller’s practice is a snapshot of the colorful ways Bahamian people express their joy and relate to one another.  Miller’s use of various junkanoo subjects is a clever way of portraying these heightened emotions; for instance, in Junkanoo Roar (2023), Miller depicts a rusher mid-scream, capturing the familiar extasy that locals feel when experiencing the parade firsthand.  Miller’s practice is also inspired by Bahamian master artist Brent Malone, who also depicted Junkanoo rushers throughout his career. Like Malone, Miller’s focus on brushwork and technique is very important to his practice, especially because he is re-entering the field after a 22-year hiatus.   

This small exhibition is a display of Miller’s first experiments after getting back into the practice of painting.  Miller’s practice resurged after the death of his daughter, Ebony Miller, whom he artistically mentored. For 22 years, he eschewed his own artistic career in favor of nurturing her talent.  Now that she has passed, practicing art helps him feel closer to his daughter again, and as he relearns the medium, Miller’s focus on technique and expression is appropriate for an emerging artist in the genre.  

This exhibition is curated by Richardo Barrett, Exhibitions & Collections Care Associate, and Letitia Pratt, Associate Curator. 

From emerging artists debuting new work to established artists showing experiments that lie outside their regular practice, the Project Space serves as a platform to support the creative community while providing an honest and open gauge for what is happening in Bahamian art in the current moment.

About the artist

Kermit Miller (b. 1973, Nassau, The Bahamas) is a painter and portrait artist whose works capture everyday life on the island. He works primarily in oil paints, a medium that allows him to achieve the depth and richness of color that characterizes his style. His work has been featured in exhibitions at Native Arts and Crafts on Bay, ECCO: The Current Art Gallery and Sixty 2 Sixty Gallery.