Feature: NAGB Mural Projects

By Ashley Knowles

Inside the Administrative Building of the NAGB are some not so hidden gems. Standing at an imposing and statuesque height in middle of the building are a series of four murals by prominent Bahamian artists. Each artist was given license to let the large canvases speak to them and do as they please. As a result, the NAGB hosts four very different murals, reflecting each artists particular style and concept. Below are short videos based on these murals, click on the links to see the artists at work!

Allan Wallace:

Steven Burrows:

AJ Watson:

Daniel Coleby:

The Administrative Building is open to our guests and visitors. It also hosts a selection of large pieces by Stan Burnside, Jackson Burnside, John Beadle, Kishan Munroe and Maxwell Taylor. Feel free to drop by to view the works and/ or talk with the Curatorial or Education teams! Also, leave us a comment or send an email to: [email protected]; we look forward to hearing from you!

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