NAGB Intern: Neil Cleare

NAGB Intern, Neil Cleare with his favourite piece in The Bahamian Landscape

I’m Neil Cleare, a young and upcoming artist. I have lived in an artful environment all my life. Being guided by my father, and inspired by many other artists, I decided to place my focus in the area of art. When I was a young boy, I began drawing comics and cartoons, and I still do to this day. I’ve had many accomplishments with art, such as subject prizes, obtaining an A on the art BJC, and also doing my part in the mural paintings at the humane society. When I finish school, I would hope a career in either art, or athletics. To get an exposure to the career that art offers, I applied for the Summer Work Study Program at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

Unfortunately, I only had one week at NAGB that went by all too fast. In that time thou, I paid attention to the different areas of work where art can take you. During my as an intern for the gallery, I got a taste of what its like to run the social network of an organization. I even spent which seemed a lifetime making descriptions for vintage post cards. Overall my time here was well spent, worthwhile and effective. My now favorite piece of work in the Gallery was by Bahamian artist Kishan Monroe. I liked his painting of his self portrait, mainly because his painting style is similar to mine, and his detail with oil paints is something I admire. Hopefully my road leads me onward through the world of art, and I look forward to being present here next year.

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