NAGB Intern: Terrannise Taylor

My name is Terrannise Taylor and I am a twelfth grade student at C.C.Sweeting senior High School. For my job experience I was placed at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. This past week I was blessed to work with , if you ask me , the best team ever. Which consist of Ms. Benjamin, Ms.Pratt, Ms. Wright , Ms Knowles and Mrs. Coulson ,the director here at the gallery. I was also able to tour the gallery and view the end products of hard work , dedication, and time, from the various artists around The Bahamas. Here at the gallery I got to meet and mingle with a few of our local artist such as Antonious Roberts, Jackson Petit- Homme and Robin Hardy. At the Hillside House Mr. Hardy demonstrated how to create a pendant entirely out of mahogany wood using a mini-Lithe machine.

The experience was incredible! During my time here I also had a little history lesson with Ms. Benjamin. Comes to find out that the gallery was actually a house! And the present storage house was once a stable for horses. My fellow interns and I created a design for the gallery bins to promote recycling. I believe our designs were really cool but don’t just take my word visit the gallery and see it for yourself. Here at the gallery , each Easter a Family Fun Day is held, my colleagues and I created the designs for the Easter masks, and a lot of hard work went into those ( so those children better like them!)!

My craving for organizing was also satisfied, as I had to sort out cards and other miscellaneous files, which believe it or not I enjoyed! I will never forget the laughs, jokes, conversations, and advice shared here between the gallery team and myself. I will be sure to return if only to , you know hail or crack a joke! And oh how could I forget the gallery pot cakes that watched my every move, and growled at me , let’s not forget that . I will forever have a fear of dogs thanks to them J this was a memorable experience and from a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give an 11!

Terrannise Taylor

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