NAGB Work Studies Student: Aliyah Bevans

My experience as an intern at the National Art Gallery Bahamas, was a phenomenal one. On the first day, February 3, 2014, I took a tour of the building for the first time. Just walking through the gallery was fascinating, seeing the strange, yet intriguing designs of some of the best artist in The Bahamas and some who even worked here. When I went upstairs to the exhibition Swan Song of The Flamingo, based on the sinking of the flamingo, I was shocked at the information displayed that I was not previously aware of. Walking through the exhibition, made me feel as though I was experiencing this incident.

After, I typed out my intentions until I left for the day at 4. Day 2, morning I typed out a biography on the artist who caught my attention the most and why. I then went on to library work, where I copied newspaper articles about art and culture and sorted them to be put in a folder. My third day was another wonderful day. First, I had to finish off the library work then I got a chance to assist with a tour. Later that day, I helped to prepare for a valentine’s programme that would be held at the gallery on Saturday, by cutting hearts. Day 4, I had to finish prepare for the programme, cutting out different designs for another creative piece. My last day here, February 7, 2014, I packed candy bags for the programme, made corrections to the minor mistakes on the other designs and get everything sorted out for the day. After which, I sat and typed my blog about my experience. To sum things up it was a magnificent week.

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