The NAGB Collaborates with Educulture!

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, in collaboration with Educulture Junkanoo Museum, now offers School Tours and Hands-On Workshops.

Between March 19th and April 27th, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas will offer a discounted rate on NAGB Tours along with offering students a hands-on Junkanoo pasting workshop with Educulture Junkanoo Museum in a package deal.

Packages include a NAGB 1 hour tour of the exhibition and Educulture Junkanoo Museum 1 hour hands on pasting workshop for a NAGB reduced tour fee of $30.00 per group and Educulture reduced fee of $5.00 per student. Tours may be scheduled Tuesday during the hours of 10:00am –4:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday during the hours of 12:30pm –3:00pm.

Book your school tours by calling The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas at 328-5800/1.