Tilting Axis 3: Curating the Caribbean

Tilting Axis 3: Curating the Caribbean
May 18-20, 2017
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Tilting Axis is a roving meeting, conceptualized by ARC Magazine and the Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc., that moves in and out of the Caribbean region on an annual basis. It brings together arts professionals who are interested in, and committed to, expanding contemporary visual art practice across all linguistic areas of the region. Participants include those based in the Caribbean and its diasporas, professionals working in the coastal rim of the Caribbean, as well as global professionals whose research and practice is influenced by the region. The goal of Tilting Axis is to facilitate opportunities for those who are living and working in the Caribbean, to increase interest and understanding of this region’s contemporary visual practice while contributing to a healthy cultural eco-system and purposeful growth for the Caribbean creative sector.

Tilting Axis 3: Curating the Caribbean, is a continuation of conversations formed in 2015 at Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean in St. George, Barbados, and at Tilting Axis 2: Caribbean Strategies at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) February 2016, but within the specific context of curating. We will explore how artist-led initiatives, institutions, and government cultural departments among others in the Caribbean are nurturing the visual arts sector through exhibitions, residencies, programming, arts education and cultural policy; and forward-thinking models actively demonstrating how the Caribbean’s fragile arts ecology is being enriched, provoked and buttressed, through a curatorial lens by professionals both in and out of the archipelago.

Host Organisation: The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
Directing Organisations: ARC Inc., Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc.
Host Director: Natalie Urquhart
Founding Directors: Holly Bynoe & Annalee Davis
Core Committee: Holly Bynoe, Annalee Davis, Tobias Ostrander, Mario Caro and Natalie Urquhart
Core Partners: Res Artis, Perez Art Museum Miami, and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
Associate Partners & Sponsors: British Council, Davidoff Art Initiative, and Susan Olde, OBE.

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Live streaming of the conference can be found on the National Art Gallery of the Cayman Islands facebook.