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Our Online Resources page has something for everyone to stay entertained, engaged and inspired during this time of social distancing, quarantine and lockdown. Take a virtual tour of the exhibitions at your museum or travel a little further to take a peek at the galleries of international museums. Make something fun and creative with family and friends, play art trivia and learn more about artists and the NAGB as we revisit past artist talks and radio shows and take a closer look at the National Collection. To assist with virtual learning, we have designed lesson plans focused on the National Collection, Bahamian artists and museums; compiled a list of educational links; and created online video presentations.

International Museum Tours

Museum Virtual Tours MoMA

National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA)

The Smithsonian Museum

Van Gogh Museum

The Vatican Museum

The British Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Louvre

The Tate Modern Museum

NAGB Museum Tours

Gallery Walk

Art Activities
Looking for creative things to do at home with the kids? Look no further than today’s featured activity. With items you can find around the house.

DYI paper craft video on paper fish toys

Bunny paper crafts

How to draw a Minion

How to make a handprint giraffe painting

Awesome drawing tricks for kids

Paper toys for kids

Five minute craft ideas

Colouring Pages (click below to download)

Brent Malone Metamorphosis

Brent Malone Horn Blower

Amos Ferguson

Our educational resource section provides educators with lesson plans connected to the National Collection, presentations drawn from our ArtWise programme, which takes the museum to the classroom, and links to a variety of educational websites and pages.

Lesson Plans (click below to download PDF)

Art as Activism: Bahamian Women Artists

Perspective Drawing: Create your own museum exhibition space

Art Museums: What is an art museum?

Art Restoration: The scientific aspect of art

ArtWise (click on video below to view)

Learn more about the NAGB:

Introduction to Visual Training Strategies (VTS) :

ONLINE RESOURCES (click below to download PDF)

Art Teacher Resource Links and Ideas

Introduction to Visual Training Strategies (VTS) :

ONLINE RESOURCES (click below to download PDF)

Art Teacher Resource Links and Ideas

Fave Blank Canvas

George and John Cox, April 19th, 2017

Seph Rodney, February 17th, 2019

Larry Ossei-Mensah, April 10th, 2019

Tyrone Ferguson, June 7th, 2017

Dr. Eddie Chambers, June 20th, 2018

Fave from the Collection

Sanford Sawyer’s “It’s Better in The Bahamas”

Matthew Rahming’s “the things about water is…”

Stan Burnside’s “Solomon”

John Saddleton’s “West Hill Hidden Garden”

Lavar Munroe’s “The Migrant”

Dave Smith’s “Let Us Prey”

Heino Schmid’s “Home”

Alisa Streather Robinson’s “A View From My Window Triptych: Pre, During, Post Hurricane Dorian”

Fave Artist Talks

Robin Hardy, July 2018

Tamika Galanis, February 2020

Robert Longo, December 2018

Lavar Munroe, October 2018

Fave Things During Lockdown

Amaani’s Favourite Films

Dwayne’s Favourite Narrator

Richardo’s Fitness Support Group

Katrina’s Favourite Artist

Jackson’s Favourite Book