In Then Again… Drew Weech

In Then Again…  Drew Weech presents a selection of new paintings made during his TIH residency at NINE studios. Weech employs drawing, photography and digital manipulation before arriving at his conceptual paintings. An abstracted image of a skull shifts incrementally through the paintings, which can be read as a repeating narrative.

The narrative takes shape around the individuality of each canvas and the wall-space between each. The experience allows for the memory of the previous canvas to overlay the one in front of you, and so illustrates the complex qualities of repetitive thought. By establishing a conceptual system for the paintings, brushing paint within tight pencil grids and at the same time leaving mistakes unfixed, by breaking down such a fundamentally visceral item into squares, Weech places in flux distinctions between abstraction and figuration.

 Drew Weech (b. 1984, Nassau, Bahamas) graduated from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 2011 and currently lives and works in Nassau. Solo and group exhibitions of his work include: A Self-Portrait (2018, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Nassau); RE2: Pathways (2018, The Current @ Baha Mar, Nassau); In Progress (2017, The Island House, Nassau); Transforming Spaces – SWELL: Collaboration+Community (2016, The Crowne Hotel, Nassau).