Transforming Spaces 2019 Exhibition: POPOP FOREVER

In January 2008, Popop Studios expanded its reach and facilities to accommodate resident artists, as well as an exhibition space. Popop became a self-sustaining entity of the Bahamian art community, providing exposure to students through its residency program while representing The Bahamas, and providing platforms for artists on an international level. Over the years Popop became home to so many, but in 2016 in the wake of hurricane Matthew, Popop became uninhabitable. Eleven years after its inception, Popop now takes on a new life. In lieu of a monetary compensation for artworks loaned by Dawn Davies to The Current for the Fairwind exhibition, funds totalling the value of the loaned artworks were designated for the renovation of Popop Studios. 

     In keeping with the theme of Sustainability, Transforming Spaces has encouraged artists to consider the power of art to transform communities in positive ways. Of course, sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced environment. Sustainability requires a harmonious use of resources in order to enhance both current and future development and potential. The partnership formed between The Current and Dawn Davies through the Fairwind exhibition has allowed resources from a partnership to be used to impact the wider art community.

     To pay homage to this partnership, The Current has curated the newly renovated Popop Studios for Transforming Spaces 2019. The team invited Popop alumni artists to submit works that encompass the show’s theme POPOP FOREVER. Artworks within the exhibition reflect upon each artist’s time at Popop Studios: whether it be older works created at Popop, or more recent works that recall a style or series connoted with their time at Popop. Also included in the exhibition are artworks that make visual reference to Popop’s physicality, residents or the transformation process. Overall, this body of work reflects a system of sustainability within the art community over decades, while speaking to Popop’s role in facilitating the sustenance of numerous art practices and careers. 

Transforming Spaces (TS) 2019 is gearing up for its annual art bus tour which will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday, April 6 and 7. Slated to be another inspiring art event, this year’s theme “Sustainability – I Have A Dream – I Am the Dream – We are the Dream” is already bearing fruit.

Ticket box offices have been open since the beginning of March, and will be available at Hillside House, The NAGB, Doongalik Studios, and The Place for Art. More information can be found on the TS website and the TS facebook page.

To follow the project’s developments and obtain information on TS2019, log on to the TS website at or contact them at [email protected].