Unveiling Ceremony for Lewis St Mural Project!

In September 2018, Transforming Spaces (TS) established a partnership with Lend a Hand Bahamas (LAHB), a registered nonprofit organization formed in 2014 to bring local, national, and international opportunities and activities into the community by running a core hands-on curriculum centered on 4H programming. 

TS, under the leadership of Bahamian master artist Antonius Roberts, integrated art and culture into the LAHB programme and invited artists to create murals along the Wall of Respect  that was initiated in 2014 by community resident and Junkanoo artist, the late Deon McHardy, aka ‘Slime’ whose artwork remains as drawn in his memory. 

We’re excited to welcome you to the Unveiling Ceremony for Dream Wall of Respect on Saturday, March 30th 2019 from 11am at Lend a Hand Bahamas on Lewis Street, Nassau, Bahamas.