NAGB Team Member Favourite Artwork – Stan Burnside’s “Solomon”

NAGB team member Diana Sands shares a personal assessment of a captivating painting that is currently on display.

Stan Burnside’s “Solomon” is a striking oil painting of Tony McKay also known as Exuma, the Obeah Man. The first thing one notices about “Solomon” beyond the beautifully rich colours is its size. The painting is 72×72 inches and is dominated by the subject’s face which wears a solemn expression. There is something intriguing about the way his face is painted that implies a wealth of personal insight lies within. On another note, the huge crown that sits on his head is a mere accent when compared to the crown of glorious locs which compliment his face wonderfully.

“Solomon” is featured as part of the current “Timelines: 1950-2007” Permanent Exhibition and is part of the National Collection. Please feel free to view and appreciate this visually stunning work of art when the NAGB reopens.

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