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Hope is all around us

Bahamian and Caribbean artists from all genres are coming together to uplift The Bahamas through hurricane relief efforts post-Dorian

By Kevanté A.C. Cash

NAGB Correspondent

 It seems as though visual artist and muralist Angelika Wallace-Whitfield may have been foreshadowing with her Ninth National Exhibition (NE9) public art project: “Hope Is A Weapon.”

During these trying times, the words that the artist penned to elaborate on the work finds us at a convenient moment and feels all too real. Much like the pressing issue placed on the backs of our nation’s leaders, Bahamians who have not been severely affected by the … Read more

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The Visual Life Of Social Affliction: Structures of Violence in the Caribbean

By Dr Ian Bethell-Bennett

The University of The Bahamas

 There is a creole saying, “nou led, nou la” which translates to  “we’re ugly, we’re here,” that is rich in culturally nuanced meaning and shows a serious persistence and insistence on showing up, being here, being present as has been evident in Haiti with the recent riots to protest the Petrocaribe corruption. Structural violence is rife and regionwide. At least we are here, even if we may be ugly. 

In Bahamian artist Blue Curry’s The New Riviera (2014), we are not even here. This erasure of us from … Read more

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Finding Our Voices: Resisting Violence and Oppression

By Dr Ian Bethell Bennett

The University of The Bahamas

“I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.” – Hamlet, II.ii

Is it a bad dream, a nightmare provoking somnambulance? We all think the best of green gentrification because we have been taught, in spite of the climate sceptics, we need to do something to improve our resilience.We are also told by the media that while people know about climate change and the havoc it plays in their neighbourhoods, jobs are more important because many … Read more

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