In Memory of F. Marina D’Aguilar

All of us at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas mourn the loss of the beloved F. Marina D’Aguilar, a great patron of the arts and a dedicated supporter of the NAGB. More than a patron, she was a passionate collector who, along with her late husband Vincent, traveled the world selecting their destinations based on the art exhibitions being displayed. Ultimately, they not only built a remarkable collection of over 2000 works but took it upon themselves to preserve a historical record of Bahamian art and share it with the Bahamian people through exhibitions and educational projects. Furthermore, their support extended to Bahamian artists, both emerging and established, as The D’Aguilar Art Foundation has funded travel through the Global Discovery Program and other grants. F. Marina D’Aguilar was a woman of influence and cared deeply for even the youngest artists; the Foundation hosted programs and provided supplies for many primary schools around the nation. We know that many of the artists in our national collection have benefitted from the generosity of F. Marina D’Aguilar. Our prayers are with the D’Aguilar family for their strength and resilience at this time of loss; we honor the passing of an extraordinary individual who has had a positive and significant impact on Bahamian culture.

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