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Environmental Force: On Abstraction and the Nature of Survival

Environmental Force:
On Abstraction and the Nature of Survival

Letitia Pratt • Mar. 27, 2024

“Environmental Force” (2005), Kendal Hanna, 47″ x 35″. Part of the National Collection.
Between the years of 2004 and 2005, The Bahamas was hit by three devastating hurricanes: the subsequent destructions of the twin storms Frances and Jeanne in late 2004, and then almost a year later, Hurricane Wilma in 2005. These three storms left
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Kendal Hanna’s “Rainbow Explosion”: Finding self through abstraction

By Natascha Vazquez. 

Kendal Hanna, a Bahamian artist and forerunner of abstract painting, brilliantly captures energetic expression and emotion through the intense repetition of line exemplified in Untitled (Rainbow Explosion). Hanna has masterfully engaged in his medium, stretching its ability to exist both boldly and lightly, from heavy black in the foreground to a luminous yellow in the background. Splatters surrounding the composition and within provide insight into the craftsmanship of the work, leaving signs of active brushwork –one may imagine Hanna physically engaging with the paper, paintbrush and paint with high energy, working confidently as his subconscious mind expresses … Read more

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Local and Global: Kendal Hanna and William de Kooning

Within Kendal Hanna’s works there is great inspiration and reference to a particular abstract artist. Abstract art could not exist without the influential and prolific contributions of Williem de Kooning, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands on April 24th, 1904. The artist illegally moved to the United States in 1926. De Kooning was a visual mentor to Bahamian artist Kendal Hanna. De Kooning is renowned as the “leading figure of Abstract Expressionism whose painterly gesturalism transcended the conventional definitions of figuration and abstraction and had a substantial influence on art after World War II”, according to Jane Turner editor of The Dictionary Read more

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