Upcoming Exhibitions at the NAGB: Ending the year on a high

Giving thanks that storms, the wind, and rain did not keep us down for long, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) is pleased to share our calendar of exhibitions for the last quarter of 2016. In addition to our current programming, we have a couple of new things to tide us over into the season of good cheer.

First, the Gallery would like to announce that the viewing period for current exhibitions will be extended. This means that you get more time to enjoy the fourth iteration of the DoubleDutch exhibition, featuring local artist Heino Schmid alongside Jamaican artist Deborah Anzinger. ‘The Observer and The Observed’ has transformed our ballroom into a laboratory and playroom, and we are happy to have this on view for a while longer!

In perhaps a very poignant and apt time, ‘A Sustainable Future for Exuma: A Traveling Toolbox’ will also be extended. As we try to find our way through this period of regrowth and rebuilding as a nation, it unearths the pertinence of needing to live sustainably in our islands and shows this need to transition into more economically and ecologically friendly lifestyles in a new light.

Both shows will be on view at the NAGB through November 27.

In addition to these extensions, we also have two new openings to look forward to: ‘Holey Space’ a solo exhibition featuring the work of Chantal Bethel and the much-awaited 8th National Exhibition (NE8).

Opening on Saturday, October 30th in the Project Space (PS), ‘Holey Space’ presents Bethel’s play on words and serves as just that: a space of sacredness as well as a space that honours those indigenous peoples from the gap in our ancestry as modern Bahamians. We honour our Tainos and the sense of loss, of what ‘could have been’ or indeed ‘should have.’ Bethel looks at explorers, the exoticised, and this first wave of our colonial past as a nation.

Just in time for Christmas, the National Exhibition (NE) will open December 15th to much fun and fanfare despite the thoughtful and provocative works to be displayed. We are also pleased to announce our expansion of the NE8 as we strive to engage with several sites across New Providence through April 2017. This expansion in no small part due to the high influx of quality work proposed for the National Exhibition, which will support the work of over 60 creatives. We are looking forward to presenting this dynamic display during the festive season and into the New Year.