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The Nation/The Imaginary Reading List

The Nation/The Imaginary
Reading List

last updated may 3, 2024

Explore a curated list of literary works that connect to themes in our current exhibition. Titles with asterisks are available for purchase in our Museum Store!

 No Vacancy in Paradise (2001), Patricia Glinton-Meicholas    

“The Dreamers”, found in If I had the Wings (2017), Helen Klonaris   

How to be A True-True Bahamian (1994), Patricia Glinton-Meicholas*

“The Impossible Garden” found

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Vantage: Justin Benjamin

Justin Benjamin explores interiority in Vantage

Amaani Hepburn • Apr 15, 2024

Justin Benjamin is a painter who primarily works out of his studio in New Providence. Most of his painting scenes depict life on family islands he has frequented throughout his life – Eleuthera, Long Island, and Abaco – and his works place the audience squarely in the perspective of the intimate voyeur. In his book Vermeer and the Delft School (2001), scholar Walter A. Liedtke describes Vermeer as “a perceptive invader of privacy.

As the intimate voyeur, Benjamin acts as an observer of the unperceived, mundane,

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National Exhibition Eleven Call for Works

National Exhibition 11
call for works

Deadline: Jul 4, 2024

“A community has one of three options for developing its vision. Unfortunately, two of the three don’t work. You see, the first institution we look to develop vision is politics. Well unfortunately, politics is the institution of the past. Everything about politics is its relationship to what has happened. The second institution we look to figure out where we are going to go is journalism. Unfortunately, journalism is the institution of the present. Its job is to tell us what is

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The NAGB’s National Exhibitions: 19 Years of Bold, Biggity Bahamian Art… where do we go from here?

19 Years of Bold, Biggity Bahamian Art… where do we go from here?

Natalie Willis Whylly
Independent Curator, Writer & Cultural Worker
National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

The NAGB’s National Exhibition (NE) programming acts as a finger on the pulse of Bahamian art. As our, usually, biennial check-in on the status of creative visual culture in the country, the NE acts as a gauge to see what our creative expression says about us as Bahamians: citizens, diaspora, and residents alike. From the early days of the museum, the first few NE’s challenged what we as a nation believed art … Read more

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